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A Study on Mentor's Multicultural-Knowledge Formed by Multicultural Mentoring Activities

In this study, we examined the multicultural-knowledge formed from their mentoring activity experience, and the concept of knowledge recognized by mentors participating in multicultural mentoring. Understanding of multiculturalknowledge can provide a foundation for the social value standards of citizens of multicultural society. According to the results of the research, knowledge is understanding and experience, and it encompasses human life with feelings and feelings. Participants were aware of cultural diversity in relation to multicultural student mentees, and were making efforts to build relationships through empathy and communication. They have a mature attitude of mutual recognition and respect for others and efforts to coexist with other cultures. They were trying to help the mentee's social communication and they were worried about improving mentee's problem solving ability. In conclusion, Mentor's background knowledge has evolved into multicultural-knowledge. multicultural-knowledge should be developed and spread into multicultural citizenship through individual self-criticism and social reflection within the notions and norms of multicultural society. As a multicultural citizen, we must be able to recognize cultural diversity, we must be able to understand and respect others by communicating and empathizing with each other. We will strive for coexistence with neighbors. Keywords: Knowledge, Multicultural - Knowledge, Multicultural - Student, Multicultural - Mentoring, Mentor