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A Plan For Improving Multicultural Citizenship Education For Human Rights of Immigrants of National Action Plans in Korea

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the policy on human rights of immigrants in the draft of the 3rd National Action Plans (NAP) in Korea, and to draw an improvement plan in order for multicultural citizenship education to contribute to the policy on human rights. Sine the emergence of the multicultural society in Korea, more attention has been paid to female marriage immigrants, and the human rights of immigrants have been evaluated to be improved. However, there are still many things to be improved in human rights policies including unregistered immigrants, immigrant workers, and refugees. To improve their human rights actually, it is necessary to enhance multicultural citizenship education for immigration control officials who have direct and indirect contact with immigrants, owners and Korean co-workers of the workplaces for immigrant workers, and teachers. Moreover, to strengthen the multicultural competency of the members in the multicultural society, it is necessary to provide multicultural understanding education and multicultural human rights education for all students and ordinary citizens in consideration of the essence of multicultural citizenship education. Index Terms- National Action Plans, Human Rights of Immigrants, Multicultural Citizenship Education, Human Right and Multicultural Education