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The Construction of a Jazz Drumming Instructional Package For Thai Undergraduates

The objectives of this research were to construct a jazz drummer instructional package and find the efficiency of the instructional package. The results revealed that, the constructive operation of the instructional package has been examined by the expert appropriately according to the pre-process of the test of using the instructional package. The sample of this research was a number of 10 students of the Faculty of Music, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. The results of finding the efficiency of the instructional package revealed that, the efficiency rate was higher than the determined criterion of 80/80. In terms of the comparison of the achievement before and after the practice, the result revealed that the achievement after the practice was higher than the achievement before the practice at the average of 25.10, Standard Deviation at 4.33, T test at 18.32 and the statistic significance level of 0.5. Index Terms—Instructional Package, Jazz Drummer, Thai Undergraduates