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Teaching and Learning Trombone Activities in Rajabhat Universities

This research is qualitative research whose population for this study is “Trombone” music instructors in 4 Rajabhat universities in Bangkok and is done by conducting in-depth interviews with the “Trombone” music instructors in 4 Rajabhat universities as well as national Trombone specialists. Data Analysis and data summary are based on the interview for The Learning Results of the Standards of Thai Qualifications Framework for Higher Education which have an effect on Teaching of Music in Rajabhat Universities in Bangkok. According to the results of the “Trombone” teaching activity analysis as for music education in Rajabhat universities in Bangkok, they are consistent with Thai Qualifications Framework for Higher Education; TQF:HEd by focusing on Learning Outcome in order to assure students of quality. The directions for control and development to standardize the learning evaluation of desired characteristics are Virtue and Ethics, Knowledge, Cognitive Skills, Interpersonal Skills and Responsibility, Numerical Analysis, Communication, and Information Technology Skills, Psychomotor Domain. Index Terms - Trombone, Rajabhat universities, Teaching, Learning