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A Rejoinder to Restrain Truancy Practices in a Selected Public High School of Marikina City Philippines Towards Future Capabilities

Dismal failure in the production of goods and services shall lead the economy to falter (Mankiw, 2002). To provide assurance of preventing such constraint is the creation of productive citizens of a nation which comes from education. The belief is presumed to be accurate on the ground that productivity shall demand great knowledge and skills which come from institutions of learning. A significant source of such competency is the academe. The nagging question then remains existent. “How do students acquire expected knowledge and skill when habitually absent in class?” Absences in the school are certain to create unfilled minds and serious ignorance of much needed knowledge and will create for the purpose, one less in productivity. Absence in school may be intentional, unauthorized or excused and may be allowed due to legitimate reasons such as medical and/or unfortunate occurrences. Intentional absence instigated by freewill from compulsory education becomes illegal when reasons exist on that premise. In legal terms, we refer to this matter as “truancy.” The same condition is exemplified by reporting in school but skips classes or stays out of the classroom. Truancy being prevalent in some public schools of Marikina will result to lack of learning and the inability to graduate. Though not totally true, the basic entry point for admission to employment is a baccalaureate degree that can only come from a school. Being a school truant therefore, eliminates an individual from being productive to self, family and the nation (Sudbury, 2010). Teachers and students became respondents in the study to put to test several variables and determine existence and degree of implementation: Awareness to the Discipline, Implementing Rules and Regulations on Truancy, School and Parent Consultation and Legal and Administrative Solutions.The Philippines is on the verge of participating to the ASEAN Integration where basic and advanced competency is of great necessity. Much is our difficulty if basic education cannot in itself be realized; much more with advanced competency;as education is distressed by truancy. Keywords- Truancy, capability, intentional absences, habitual absences, legitimate, skip classes, compulsory education, debacle, discipline, consultation, regulations, legal and administrative solutions