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Competitive Advantage Strategy and Successful Business Operation Model of Manufacturing in Chachoengsao Province

The purposes of this research were to evaluate the competitive environment, study the relative of the factors that contributes to successful business operation model, and create successful business operation model and competitive advantage strategy of manufacturing in Chachoengsao province. The researcher employed quantitative research methods used a questionnaire as an instrument to collect data based on simple random sample from 400 respondents of total 2,025 manufacturers in Chachoengsao province. Using techniques of descriptive statistics, the authors analyzed the data collected using statistical program in terms of frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, ranking, and multiple regression analysis. The results showed that most respondents were manager 297 manufacturers (67.3%), had more than 200 employees 197 manufacturers (64.9%), an investment over than 100 million baht 161 manufacturers (69.3%), has experience in management of minimum 1 year and maximum of 40 years with an average of experience in management 9.89 years. The competitive environment of manufacturing in Chachoengsao province consists high buyer bargaining power, high threat of new entrants, high intensity rivalry existing, supplier power and threat of substitutes products are moderate. Overall average successful factors were high level consists 5 top ranking by mean found that products, production process methods, machinery, marketing management and logistics management. The relative of model can be demonstrated as successful business operation model of manufacturing in Chachoengsao province shows as followed; Y=13.97+0.97(X8)+0.86(X13) +0.73(X14) +0.62(X16) +0.38(X17)+0.26(X6)+0.09(X2)+0.08(X12) by 13.97 = constant, (X2) machinery, (X6) production cost, (X8) marketing management, (X12) human resources management, (X13) creative and innovation, (X14) logistics management, (X16) corporate social responsibility and (X17) risk. R2 value is 0.84 means is the level of confidence in the forecast 84 percent. Eventually, the factors of marketing management, creativity and innovation, and logistics management influence on successful business operation model of manufacturing in Chachoengsao province. However, can be create competitive advantage strategy of successful business operation model of the underlying competitiveness of high-growth manufacturing by creating product and service differentiation which enables then to compete on the basis of non-price factors and should be used the innovation strategy to develop new or better products, processes or business models that grant competitive edge over competitors. Keywords- Competitive Advantage Strategy, Successful Business Operation, Manufacturing, Chachoengsao province