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The Right Leader with the Right Leadership Styles Creates Organizational Commitments

The paper reflects on the changing nature of leadership roles in increasingly globalized environment. There is need to always generate and produce new ideas in any field especially in the condition where all over the world is preparing for a touch of 21st century leadership. As changes are unchangeable, the importance of considering the realistic aspects in leading and leadership is essentially required. Leadership is the process by which leader influence their followers to achieve organizational goals Through motivating their followers, leaders help organizations realize goal achievement and adapt to the changing environment and that is why this research article placed an important view to explore the leadership styles of the school leaders and the teachers’ commitment to their job in Malaysia. This paper discusses on the most leadership styles applied by the leaders in the school and the teachers’ commitment towards their job in the school in Malaysia. The research article also reveals the impact of some misleading and the issues to be faced by the teachers and the students in school. The paper also suggested that moving forward the leaders necessitate taking into consideration the right styles of leading in a continuous progress. Keywords - leadership, organizational commitment, schools, teachers, Malaysia