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A Study on The Folkway and Cultural Potential of Homestay at Taling Chan District, Bangkok

This research aims to study the potential in the dimensions of folkways and cultures of homestay at Taling Chan District, Bangkok. The research concentrates on the qualitative outcomes which are collected the data by purposive sampling survey, observation, and interview from the targets and stakeholders in the mentioned area. With primary content analysis and examine, the consistency of the related issues gets re-examined once and until the data gets saturated. It is found that cultural asset and tourism resources in Taling Chan District are interesting and attractive to tourists. With potential assessment of the mentioned resources in the related fields, they have potential to manage and organize the homestay programs efficiently due to their various traditional cultural asset and tourism resources. So, this is suitable to develop the tourism programs and activities to be parts of the homestay corresponding to the community’s context. Keywords- Potential, Folkways, Culture, Homestay