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Motivation in Accommodations and Services that Influenced the Tourists on selecting the Homestays in Talingchan District, Bangkok

This research was to study about the factors to influence the tourists on choosing the homestays in Talingchan District, Bangkok. The research used mixed methods included qualitative and quantitative studies. The research tools such as community surveys and structured interviews were used to collect data from purposive sampling groups of local people. The questionnaires were used for collecting the information from the opinions of the tourists in Talingchan District. The obtained data were evaluated by SPSS Program, and the content analysis was used for analyzing the contents. The results of the survey, 200 people answering the questionnaires, revealed that highest motivated factor that influenced the tourists on choosing the homestays in Talingchan District was safety; the rank was 4.21. High motivated factors comprised 5 factors at the ranks in consecutive orders as: cleanliness with the rank of 4.17, local food with the rank of 4.16, hosts’ friendliness with the rank of 4.15, accommodation surrounding atmosphere with the rank of 4.15, and lastly, the rank of 4.05 consisted of 2 factors namely tourism programs/tourism activities and public utilities. The study results complied with efficiency and management style of homestays in Talingchan District in the factors related to locations and transportations; tourism resources and tourism activities, as well as local lifestyle, culture, art and environment. Keywords - Motivation, Accommodation, Service, Homestay