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Potential of The Tourism Resources to The Expansion of Waterway Tourism Routes in Taling Chan District, Bangkok

This study is to assess the potential of cultural capital and waterway tourism resources along the canals within Taling Chan District. The goal is to expand and increase tourism routes for attracting tourists and for diversifying the options and new experience for the district. It is a qualitative research using an unstructured survey; observation, and in-depth interview of purposive sampling groups. As well as discussions with focus groups comprised of selected populations and those related to obtaining information and ideas for content analysis. From the study, it is found that cultural capital and tourism resources of the 10 sites within the area can be indicated as cultural tourism resources. From the assessment, which used 3 criteria of cultural tourism resource quality standards: potential of tourist attraction, tourist acceptance and tourism management, it revealed that most of the sites have the potential to accept the tourists and are capable to efficiently and substantially create waterway tourism routes consistent with the area tourism context suitability. Keywords- Potential, Tourism Resources, Waterway, Tourism Route