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Impact of Branded Packaged Foods on Rural Customer’s in Y.S.R.Disrtict, Andhra Pradesh

There is nobody in the world that is left out of the class of consumers. The consumer hood Continues till one’s last breath in the world. The consumer purchases a variety of goods and services to satisfy his wants and he is always influenced in his purchasing activities by some considerations which lead him to select a particular commodity or a particular retail store in preference to others. So, consumer buying is more complex. Consumer purchases are likely to be influenced by physiological, psychological and sociological factors. The commodities and services are brought by the consumer to satisfy his basic needs, for comfort, pleasure, recreation and happiness. Every individual has physiological need such as hunger, shelter, thirst, etc., which have to be satisfied for survival. The psychological factors like status prestige and social factors like friends, neighbors, job and relatives influence their purchasing activities. People bear certain beliefs and attitudes towards certain types of goods, brands of commodities and retail outlets based on their previous experience. When there is a need, they are able to discover some new commodities capable of satisfying their needs. Before the commodities and brands are selected, these commodities must compete successfully against alternatives in the market. The selection of a particular commodity becomes important for consumer since there are wide varieties of consumer goods in the market. Again selection of a particular commodity depends on income of the consumer and necessity of the product to the individual. Before the selection of the commodity purchased, an individual requires information regarding the various sources of supply of the commodity, its brands, relative merits and demerits, uses and value of their characteristic features and services offered. The common sources through which individual gathers information are from advertising media (television, radio and news papers), friends, retailers in the locality, displays in shops and food labels. India is one of the largest food producers of the world with the organized sector accounting for food output worth US $34827 million; only a small percentage of its farm produce is processed into value-added products. For instance, even though the country is the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables, hardly two per cent of the production is processed. This underlines the enormous scope for investing in the processed food sector in the areas of infrastructure, packaging and machinery. India, in fact, needs US $28 billion of investment to raise its food processing levels by 8-10 per cent. Keywords - Branded Packaged Foods, Rural customers.