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Derrida's Deconstruction Analysis To Representation of Love And Longing Message in

Burdah is a literary work in a form of praise ode composed by Imam Al-Busiri who deeply loves Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him (pbuh). The writer's love to Prophet Muhammad pbuh is composed in very elegant manner. Like someone who's falling in love Imam Al-Busiri pours it in a series of praise ode as the expression of love and longing to someone he loves. Longing is because the writter never meets. Love and longing frequently appear in the praise ode verse of Burdah. Some parties consider Burdah is an excessive expression and some of them state it shirk like the writing of Abu Ubaidah Yusuf As-Sidawi with the title of "Shirk in Burdah al-Busiri". The purpose of the research is to analyze and interpret message in the praise ode verses particularly the text on Love and Longing. The research uses deconstruction analysis method from Derrida because it wants to reveal the implicit meaning of the praise ode. The analysis is conducted to theme unit or segment in Burdah's text, i.e. concerning Love and Longing and it deconstructs meaning from other texts. The analysis result is expected to become the comparison for the previous researches that punish that Burdah's text are totally full of shirk and Bid'ah (religious innovation). Keywords- praise ode, message, representation, deconstruction of meaning