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The use of Focused Electron and Ion Beams for The Functionalization and Nanostructuring of Polymer Surfaces

Polymers are nowadays actively used in numerous applications owing their low cost and optimized structural properties. Besides, the miniaturization of the novel materials down to nano and even atomic scale needs the use of Electron Microscopy techniques both for imaging and structuring abilities. When used for surface modification, electrons and ions allow altering the surface properties towards special material designs. This study mainly focuses on investigation, optimization and modification of polymers’ surface properties by the use of electron and ion beam treatment assisted by gas enhanced etching processes in FIB-SEM dual-beam platforms. Direct electron/ion beam etching and XeF 2 assisted etching were applied on high density polyethylene (HDPE), Melinex ® and polypropylene (PP) samples, in order to obtain different forms of functionalized surfaces. The alterations in the surface properties provided by electron/ion beam and gas assisted modification processes were examined using complementary advanced analysis techniques, such as HR-SEM and AFM. Keywords- Focused Ion Beams, Nanostructuring, Polymers, Functionalization, Electron Microscopy, Surface Modification