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Media Ecology in The Context of Media Convergence and Hybridization

The technical possibility of combining different media languages in modern mobile communication devices is facilitating the emergence of new hybrid forms. The similar features of the new mobile devices, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. and their interchangeability contributed to their widespread deployment and usage in recent years. By acquiring meta-media character through their ability to combine all existing forms of communication – written, aural, visual, audiovisual, etc. and based on Internet technology, modern communication products are combining different expressive means of communication. The article reveals the basic dimensions of media convergence, which facilitate the interchange between different media. It also focuses on one of its essential consequences – the status-quo of the new media hybrid products. Its emphasis is on those of their dimensions that contribute to the erosion of the media ecosystem, such as these media explications which contain combination of untruths and half-truths, intolerant language, etc. in traditional and new media formats, thus contaminating media atmosphere. Key words- media ecology; media convergence; media hybridity