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Financial Status of Local Administrative Organization: A Case Study of Bangkok, Annual Budget 2008-2012

This research article aims to study income and expense of Bangkok and compare the proportion of Bangkok’s income and expense in the annual budget of 2008-2012. The research is qualitative study applying documentary research method. The study found that income of Bangkok for 2008-2012 annual budget came from Shared Taxed the highest, followed by Local Levied Tax and Subsidy respectively. It also can be seen that the Shared Taxed and the Local Levied Tax tend to be increasing steadily while the Subsidy tends to fall steadily. Moreover, the expense budget of Bangkok varied according to related factors. In 2012, Bangkok had the highest rate of expense while it had lowest rate of expense in 2010. The research also revealed that Bangkok had more income than expense every year. Key word- Income Expense Bangkok