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The Effect of Home Visiting Program as Personal Communication Assessment to Develop The Students’ Affective Skills

Home visiting is a significantly increase method to provide excellent services for families during 25-30 past years. Even, several countries have their own home visiting standard. Home visiting is a type of service-delivery model that can be used to allocate many different kinds of interventions to target participants.Recently this enables people to gain more interest in employing home visiting as a mechanism to help families accomplish in care taking, parent empowerment, parent education and also education at school. In this paper I therefore turn the attention towards how students’ affective skills are affected by home visiting program as personal communication assessment. Conducted in a bilingual school, this project provides for an opportunity to gain insight into the deep understanding of home visiting program, personal communication devices and student affective skills. With regard to this issue, the present study also examines the implications as well as identifying specific effects associated with direct interview and questionnaire might discover contributions to access valuable information. Keywords: home visiting program, personal communication devices, affective skills