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Youth, Religion and Same-Sex Marriage

This study identified the relationship of religious practices of college students from sectarian and non-sectarian sectors, and their attitude towardssame-sex marriage. The issue of same-sex marriage is considered as one of the sensitive concerns in the Philippines since it is a Catholic-influenced country. The respondents in this study were 781 college students from the Adamson University (AdU) and Polytechnic University of the Philippines PUP), selected through stratified sampling method. In addition, data were gathered through online and self-administered surveys. The results revealed that college students from both sectors have different general attitudes toward same-sex marriage despite of being highly involved to their religious practices. Respondents from AdU, the sectarian sector, opposed the issue, while college students from PUP, the non-sectarian sector, supported same-sex marriage. Furthermore, this study found out that spiritual association of an educational institution plays a small but a significant role in explaining attitude towards same-sex marriage. Keywords: Religious Practices, Attitude, Same-sex Marriage, Sectarian Sector, Non-sectarian Sector, College Students, Polytechnic University of the Philippines