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A Novel Training Methodology for Tai Chi Exercise

In this paper, we introduced a novel Tai Chi exercise training instrument and its training method’s effect on cardiovascular system in elderly people. This is the first time that Tai Chi exercise training instrument was introduced with preliminary experimental data in elderly people. The robot arm of training instrument can repeat the trajectory of Tai Chi Master’ Push hand. By following the movement, the beginners can learn Tai Chi easily and efficiently. For the study, a total of 6 elderly people (45 years -60 years) are recruited in the study. Participants performed push hands 4 times one-hour training session per week. For each session, the heart rate and blood pressure were measured before and after practicing with instrument. After 13 weeks-long intervention, the results collecting from measurement showed the tai chi training instrument could help elderly people in reduction blood pressure. Keywords- Tai Chi, elderly people, blood pressure, instrument, training methodology.