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Family: The Role of Social Institution that Effect on Youth Socialization

This research aimed to study the role of social institutions such as family institution which significantly impacted on the political socialization of the youth in Saraburi province. The research was a qualitative research from an analysis of case study by method of purposive sampling which taking in-depth interview. The key-informants were School administrators, Social Science teachers and parents. This research was also analyzed by group discussion of the focus groups. The purposive samples are junior high school students who attended the group and discussed to debate the issues and provide information. After summarized the information, the researchers have taken Hermeneutics technique for data analysis and conclusion. The study found that family institution is significantly impacted on political socialization to the youth by informal talking in the family. However Youth during the day may be closer than family. It may be that the Political affecting youth less. Index Terms- Family Institution,The Roles of Social Institutions, The political socialization, The youth