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Basics of Creative Tourism

Many technical specialists have given meaning of Creative tourism and have set basics of creative tourism. This article aims to clarify the basics of creative tourism from review of the literature 24 sets electronic documents (E-document). The results shows that basics of creative tourism have three dimension and 10 indicators, Tourism resources include: 1) It was developed from cultural tourism, 2) tourist resources had outstanding in culture 3) It was the culture that existed in daily life or was newly built 4) It had learning exchange between tourists and people in the community in terms of art, cultural heritage or the specific features of the areas attractions caused the bond between tourists and the local community, 5) The attractions tourism had activities with emphasis on conservation of the environment and local culture. Activities 6) It had activities for tourists to operate and use their own creative idea, 7) It had activities that allowed tourists to have direct experiences of participating with the community rather than as a spectator. Community participation 8) the community managed the tourism, including received income 9) Community took part in arranging activities, 10) community participated in the design of arranging activities for tourists’ experiences. Keywords- basic of tourism, creative tourism