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Determinants of Thai Food Industry Innovation: A Conceptual Perspective

The proposed study is concerned with the development of a structural equation model of how intellectual capital and knowledge management affect innovation within Thailand’s food industry. Due to rising urbanization and an expanding middle class, Thailand will rely more on processed foods. This is combined with a 22% export market to other Southeast Asian nations, as well as China and Japan. With an abundance of natural resources combined with significant investments in technology, food safety, R&D, and more efforts at adhering to international quality standards, Thailand has become the ‘Kitchen of the World’, becoming the largest sole net food exporter in Asia. Therefore, the researchers aspire to develop a structural equation model of factors affecting intellectual capital and knowledge management on the Thai food industry innovation using both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Questionnaires using a 7-point Likert scale will be analyzed using SEM techniques with focus being given to product innovation, process innovation, and technical innovation in enhancing the industry’s global competitiveness and sustainability. Keywords- food industry, intellectual capital, knowledge management, innovation