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Study on Policies Related to The Flow of Labor in Asean that Have Impact Towards SME Business of Thailand from a Case Study: Burmese and Laos Migrant Workers

There are large numbers of migrant workers coming to work in Thailand, especially from neighboring countries that have borders connected with Thailand. Mostly, they are choosing to enter into the country illegally, and they are commonly conducting SME business in Thailand as government officers have detected. This SME business is unlike a big business that is strictly monitored on illegal labors. Thus, the cause that these labors are separately living in Thailand is one of problems towards society control. On the other hand, if the government uses too strict method, these labors will not want to come to work in Thailand, and it leads to the lack of workers in this type of business. SME business is a low-cost business; therefore, migrant workers are important for this business as they accept lesser remuneration than domestic workers. Currently, the government has seen the importance of this issue, so there are measures regulated as remedies to the problems in order to guide these workers to choose to enter the country legally or lessen the operation guideline to solve illegal workers to be legal as much as possible. Even though the government has produced several measures to reduce problems, it is only a short-term basic problem-reduction guideline towards workers. However, this research has suggested a long-term solution, divided into 3 issues which are 1) strictly focused on recruiters as it should be cut out, 2) reduce document preparation fee for migrant workers, and 3) emphasized on professions and skills of imported migrant workers. Keywords: SME Business of Thailand, Burmese and Laos Migrant Workers