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Counter Piracy in the Horn: A model for the South China Sea?

The international community has adopted multi-dimensional counter-piracy approaches to discourage piracy in the Horn of Africa (HOA) by integrating the land and sea strategies. This paper tests the HOA’s counter-piracy model to the South China Sea (SCS) to draw the successful strategies of the HOA. The findings show that while a number of strategies and lessons from the HOA are pertinent to the context of the SCS, there are few challenges in fully informing the HOA’s model due to the geographical scope of incidents, context, and the nature of piracy in the SCS. Thus, this paper recognizes the necessity of taking into account of the surrounding issues and facts when drawing the successful lessons from the HOA to the SCS. The paper also highlights a neutral approach through an institutional mechanism to fight against common enemies, including piracy, armed robbery against ships and terrorism in the region for the lasting solution of piracy as well as to the regional development. Keywords- Anti-Piracy Mechanism, Armed Robbery against Ships, Horn of Africa, South China Sea, Piracy