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Transformation of Indonesia Travel and Tourism Competitiveness in Business Perspective

This research is focusing on the transformation factors of Indonesia Travel and tourism competitiveness. This research conducted by using secondary data due to the massive amount of data provided by the previous research, surveys, and report after that the analysis would be done qualitatively. The researcher aim to bring about the possibility of seeing on how the factors affect Indonesia T&T sectors. This is important due to the rising number of borderless policy which whether everyone like it or not will raise the competition into international level, therefore this research aim to help government in facing their competition in Tourim sectors and help them to meet the goals of 20 million foreign tourist. The research shows a positive result for Indonesia travel and tourism sectors based on the transformation factors, this indicate that Indonesia will be a ble to attract more tourist than before. Keyword: Travel and tourism competitiveness, Indonesia, Transformation, Qualitative research, Secondary research