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Process Optimization for Mechanized Production of Doda Burfi Using Texture Profile Analyser

Doda Burfi is region specific traditional Indian dairy product. The product has pleasant characteristic nutty flavor. This product is highly nutritious. But even today it is manufactured by traditional method, which inherently suffers from various limitations, viz., non-uniform quality, batch to batch variations etc. Scraped surface heat exchanger (SSHE) seems to be most suitable heat exchanger for handling high viscosity and heat sensitive products, which tend to foam and foul heat transfer surface. Therefore, it was planned to study on mechanized production of Doda Burfi using SSHE. Doda Burfi was manufactured by adding precooked germinated wheat flour, colour, skim milk powder, citric acid solution, sugar (50% of total sugar initially added into milk at 700C and remaining 50% sugar at 40% total solids). The investigation was carried out to optimize the various process parameter like scrapper speed (100, 125 and 175 RPM), steam pressure (1, 1.5, 2 and 2.5 kg/cm2) The performance was evaluated for various characteristics using Texture Profile Analyser. The best quality of Doda Burfi was found at scraper speed of 100 RPM, 2 kg/cm2 steam pressure. Keywords: Doda Burfi, germinated wheat flour, skim milk powder, sugar, SSHE, TPA