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Communication Strategy to Improve Employee Performance (Case Study Pt. Pjb in Surabaya)

Communication is central in the organization and hierarchical organization have an interdependent relationship or interdependence. Communication strategy is closely related to the performance of employees in an organization, it is about how the organization able to develop the organization efficiently. PT. PJB as a subsidiary of PT. PLN gets Indonesian Quality Award. Indonesian Quality awards are generally given to companies that have implemented performance excellence. This award is given to reward the participants on the willingness and its efforts in improving the performance of eklselen through the implementation of a system's performance. The purpose of research is to describe the communication strategy PT.PJB Centre in improving employee performance. This study used a qualitative approach with descriptive methods. The results showed that the strategy undertaken by PT. PJB to improve employees' performance is by vertical communication, where the communication between leaders and subordinates in the form of job instruction, motivation, reward, then the communication that occurs from subordinates to superiors consists of written and oral reports, giving suggestions and complaints. Further horizontal communication that people who have the same hierarchy in the organizational structure in the form of coordination of work assignments, share information about plans and activities, discussions about the organization and others. Key words- Communications strategy, Increase, Employee performance