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The Implementation of a Problem Based Learning in Improving Adaptive Competence on The Subject of Education for Special Need Students at Islamic University Indonesia

It is urgently important obligation to support students to have the ability (theory and skill) to resolve the problem that appears in the journey his devotion as teachers or other education field. In between the subjects had the nature so is the education of children outside of the regular or children with special need. Children with special need have the same rights in education with other children. This requires the need for prospective teachers to improve their knowledge and understanding of the children special need so that children are able to identify students with special needs and apply it on the regular education. This research aims to find the best way to accelerate teaching skills of micro-teaching students Using Active Learning Strategies. The research uses Class Action Research with two cycles, once reflection and twice evaluations. The result shows that model of teaching Problem Based Learning (PBL) specifically can improve competence adaptation of students with special needs problems. In general, PBL can improve the ability of problem solver for students. Keywords: Problem Based Learning, Adaptive competence, Students with special needs.