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Reactualization of Al-Mawardi Thoughts About Teacher Ethics

In the context of Islamic education, teacher is not someone who has a duty to teach to the students. More than that, teacher is the spiritual father who gives a soul knowledge, leads the morals and make a right for bad behavior which did by the students. But if we turn to the reality this day about a degradation of the teacher’s ethic in any region, we perhaps little doubt the credibility of teacher in having that duty and responsibility. Even, the sense of pessimism will soon if we see the sequence of news that makes the teacher as a main actor in any criminal and immoral behavior. That problem needs to be based on the importance of total comprehension toward the values of moral or ethic for a teacher who particularly will be a need urgently. It is same as the view of al-Mawardi about the ethic of teacher, which must have a several ethic, as tawadu and avoid the attitude of priding itself (ujub). Having ability to read the characteristic every students, avoid itself form subhat, need to be qanaah, sincere, and never lose hope. That thought of al-Mawardi is sure very relevant with the world of education in Indonesia at this moment. Keywords: teacher ethics, al-Mawardi’s thought