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Differentiation of Aroma and Mood on Packing Design

This study aimed to discuss the need to understand consumer perceptions in order to correctly packaging design process and to achieve the desired position in the minds of consumers. The objective of this article is to study the form of packaging (a case study: shampoo) which impulse buying, study the buyers’ perception of color and aroma of shampoo that packaging express, study factors of buyers' perceptions and the design elements on the packaging reflect the value and reliability of products, and guide the design process developing as to form of packaging and label for stimulating to buy. By used questionnaires and interviews combined the aromas samples of shampoo and simulations (3D) of the shampoo essentiality for evaluating ideas and mood of consumers to the form of shampoo packaging. Findings of the experiment are model of shampoo packages design to convey aroma and mood to consumer perception. Keywords- Packaging design, Perception, Presentation graphics, Simulations (3D)