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The Development of Good Taste Best Sanitation Restaurants Recommending System Based on Android Operating System

This research aimed to analyze the data and develop Good Taste Best Sanitation Restaurants Recommending System based on Android Operating Systemby using the Collaborative Filtering Technique to filter data for rating of recommendation the restaurant. The system could show map of the restaurant with the Google Map API Technology for the information to support decisionmaking. The system was developed as an mobile application on the Android Operating System. To evaluate the preliminary prototype system, questionnaires were used to measure user satisfaction with system usability and interview to evaluate performance of system by specialists and users. Experimental results reveal that the system is well able to recommend Good sanitation restaurant information both users and experts and this application can be adapted to users easily due to the fact that the data is stored and available on mobile devices. Also the results were satisfied in the effectiveness as well follows: Means for specialist and users were 4.00 and 4.01 respectively, and standard deviation for specialists and users were 0.51 and 0.66 respectively. Index Terms- Clean Food Best Sanitation, Restaurant, Application, Android Operating System