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Minimum Salary Threshold: An Outlook of Women in Precarious Economic Condition in Mauritius

This research assesses the conditions of women living in precarious economic conditions in Mauritius. Despite the fact that the island nation stands as a model of economic development in Africa and is positioned as an upper-middle economy, all people do not have access to the basic economic needs to allow them live decently. There is ongoing debate on setting a minimum wage threshold to see that decent salaries are obtained by lower level employees in Mauritius to live with minimum benefits. The case of women remains interesting from the fact that, at the operational level, women are firstly more disadvantaged to men and jobs in the informal sector prevent them from living decently. Unless, a minimum wage is declared, it will always be difficult for women to get out of the trap. This study evaluates the difficulties from a case study perspective but also explains the challenge of setting a decent minimum salary to ensure the protection of women in the Mauritian society. Index Terms- Decent living, minimum wage, precarious, women, Mauritius