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English Proficiency Level and Academic Performance in Mauritius a Non-Parametric Approach

This paper studies the proficiency of English language and its effects on secondary schools' performance at School Certificate level in Mauritius for the 2005-2016 cohort. The state has been investing massively for higher level of attainment in education in a view of enhancing economic and social development. Spearman’s r correlation is used to determine the relationship between English proficiency level( English language grades) and academic performance in other subjects were correlated and it was found that positive correlations exist between grades in English and French language, mathematics, computer, biology, physics, accounting, hindi, arts and design and and total subjects. Additional mathematics, chemistry and economics show significant negative correlations. Distribution dynamics approach is applied to analyze intra-distributional dynamics of academic performance in terms of passes and credit passes and productivity. No evidence of convergence is found across relative subject performance. Recommendations on future areas of improvement of school performance and policy implications are here down addressed. Keywords- Academic Performance, Secondary School, Distribution Dynamic, Correlation