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Labour Productivity of Elders

Population ageing is a very relevant topic for contemporary Europe in the last decades. From economic point of view, the relevant question is whether the growing share of elders in the society will negatively influence economic output. It is the case of the Czech Republic, as well. One of the present effects of population ageing is the increase of statutory retirement age that leads to the higher share of older workers in all industries. We assume that industries will be differently affected by ageing workforce with respect to their specifics. We estimated the contribution of three age groups (young, middle and elders) to the gross value added and we also estimated labour productivity for each age group and industry. The key issue lies in the dependency of workers’ productivity on the age and industry. Our paper also provides statistical analysis of the wages of market and non-market spheres. For the purposes of our analysis, we used data for the Czech Republic for the period 2000-2015. Keywords- Labour productivity, ageing, older workers.