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Constructivism: A Dynamic Approach of Teaching-Learning Social Science at Upper Primary Level

Teaching-learning approach in Social Science needs to be revitalized towards helping the learner to acquire knowledge and skills in an interactive environment. As the time is changing at very fast pace Social Science must adopt methods that promote creativity, aesthetic sensibility and critical perspectives. Further, it should enable students of elementary level to draw relationship between past and present to understand changes taking place in society. Teachinglearning should utilize resources like audio-visual materials, including photographs, charts, maps and replicas of archaeological materials reflecting various cultures, so as to make the teaching more realistic and thought provoking. Therefore, the objective of present study is to provide an intense look into constructivist theory and its need in teachinglearning Social Science at upper primary level. Constructivism is a dynamic approachthat could be applied in a classroom at upper primary level with great ease by the teacher. Moreover, it keeps the learners active and interactive by providing them application based knowledge. Key Words - Social Science, Constructivism, Curriculum, Teaching-learning, Teacher, Student, Knowledge