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The Efficacy of Training Programmes Pertaining to Entrepreneurship Development (EDPS) Organised in Seven Districts of the Southern Rajasthan

This paper tries to evaluate the efficacy of the training programmes pertaining to entrepreneurship development (EDPs) organised in seven districts of the Southern Rajasthan at result level of Kirkpatrick’s measurement categories for evaluating the effectiveness of training programs namely reactions; learning; behaviour; and results. Primary data for this study is collected through questionnaire meant for the entrepreneurs who EDP trained and have operational business ventures. A large portion of these entrepreneurs feel that the efficacy of the EDPs is positive and optimistic. The outcomes of these training programs (EDPs) are increased efficiency, increased profit, business growth, future expansion, updated knowledge, improved interpersonal relation, entrepreneurial aspects, social satisfaction and career development. Keywords - Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Development Programme, Rajasthan, Training Programmes