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Human Resource Management for the Health Care Providers

The management of human resources in healthcare institution is essential to enable the delivery of efficient and effective medical services and to achieve patient satisfaction. The human factor is central to healthcare, yet its proper management has remained beyond the reach of healthcare organizations. Modern hospitals, which provide the latest medical facilities, now employ thousands of personnel including medical, paramedical and support staff. Managing this vast human resource working in these hospitals is a major challenge as it requires round the clock human resource support. This study aims to investigate the impact of practicing human resources management on the quality of healthcare service and achieving patients’ satisfaction. The descriptive methodology was applied to demonstrate and analyse the previous literatures. The study shows that effective human resources management has a strong impact on healthcare quality and improving the performance of hospital’s staff. The study suggests the need to measure the performance of the managers of human resources department in the hospital before starting performance development process as well as continuous development and training of staff performance. Keywords - Human Resources Management (HRM), Job performance, Healthcare quality