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Role of Information Technology in Karnataka Tourism Industry

Karnataka is located in the southern part of the India, is surrounded by other states like Maharashtra and Goa in the north, Tamil Nadu and Kerala in the south, Andhra Pradesh in the east and the Arabian Sea in the west. The state has changed the very nature of Indian business and put it in the front row of international frontline of information technology. The combination of beauty and the brains is just unimaginable here. Karnataka has more than twenty per cent of its area under forest cover. There are many wildlife sanctuaries in the state and they have a rich variety of flora and fauna. Karnataka has attractive Palaces, waterfalls, misty mountain ranges of the Western Ghats, migratory birds and friendly folks. Information Technology had great impact on different industries; tourism is not exempted from that. In almost all the countries had adopted new technologies for attracting tourists; Karnataka is also travelling in the same way. The Karnataka Government Tourism Department have offer several tourism services through on-line and government claim that they offer better services than the others. So it is very important to know whether the tourists are satisfied or not. In this research focuses on the tourists perception towards the Karnataka Tourism website services as well as to know the Information technology has any significant role in Karnataka tourism industry. The study has two objectives i.e., to study the perception of tourist towards the technological approach of stakeholders and to study the role of Information technology in tourism industry. Three districts were selected as a sample area from the State of Karnataka. From among these three districts there is 150 tourists was selected as a sample population. Chi-square test was used to ascertain the hypotheses. Keywords - Tourism, Information Technology