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Study on Retranslation of Subtitles: Focusing on Movie ‘Carol’

This study explores the translator’s visibility at digital crossroads by analyzing the retranslation of the Korean subtitles of the movie ‘Carol’. Hwang Seokhee, a film translator, translated the cinema version subtitles of ‘Carol’ and then, revised them for the DVD version. Apart from line adjustment or spotting editing, the translator modified some words by asking the audience, on his blog, for better word options, as well as the way in which the protagonist, Carol, expressed herself to better incorporate her intrinsic character. After retranslating, Hwang used his blog to write his epilogue on the movie, and he mentioned how important it was to look at the way in which Carol spoke to Therese, since that was one of the crucial factors in the shaping of their same-sex and sensitive relationship. Keywords- Retranslataion, Audiovisual Translation, Subtitle