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Public Knowledge of Nuclear Technology and its Effect on the Intention to use Electricity from Nuclear Power Plants in Thailand

This paper reveals the new perspectives about the structure of factors that influenced the public’s intention to use electricity from nuclear power plants (NPPs) in Thailand. The public’s knowledge of nuclear technology could be a key issue for nuclear power utilization. Hence, this paper mainly focuses on the impact of knowledge on public attitudes and social influence. Structural equation modeling was applied to examine the relationship between the above factors. Probability sampling method was used in the form of stratified random sampling with 400 electricity household users across regions in Thailand. Results showed that the public’s knowledge of nuclear technology and nuclear power has a direct positive influence on public attitudes toward NPPs and a direct positive impact on social influence. In addition, the public’s knowledge transmits an indirect influence on attitudes and social influence to include another factor: the intention to use electricity from NPPs. Consequently, in order to put forward the nuclear power program, the Thai government should educate the public on nuclear technology as a precondition. Keywords: Nuclear power plant, Public, Electricity, Knowledge, Thailand