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Developing Collaborative Learning Model Between Entrepreneurship Program and Business Incubator: An Investigation from Business Schools in Indonesia

This study aims to examine the current implementation of entrepreneurship learning including business incubator and to identify factors influencing the effectiveness of entrepreneurship and incubator output including developing collaborative learning model in each particular faculties/universities in Jakarta and Tangerang. This study conducted the qualitative analysis used Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and in -depth interview approaches to 8 (eight) universities and 15 academicians with strong background in managing as well as entrepreneurship teaching experiences. The study brings the result that the strong collaboration between the study programs and business incubator must be strongly established to provide entrepreneurship learning experiences in higher education. There are significant aspects as an influencing factors to create collaborative model between entrepreneurship program and business incubator; university’s vision and mission, entrepreneurial background lecturer, strong culture and reward system. This study is claimed as few studies focusing on developing a collaborative model specifically to the universities which have business incubator in Indonesia.Studies on the effect on collaborative learning model on entrepreneurship toward succesful entrepreneurship education would be considerably fill in the gaps in thebody of knowledge on the subject. Keywords: entrepreneurship, business incubator, collaborative learning model.