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A Systematic Mapping Study on Technology Transfer

Technology transfer is the demonstration and use of the technology, knowledge, and know-how developed by a developer. In economic growth and development, undoubtedly, the place and the importance of technology transfer is undisputed. As in the past, the rapid development of technology, in particular, the changes it has made in business processes, and the limited resources for knowledge creation have made technology transfer a very important issue. The purpose of this study is to determine the trends of technology transfer studies in the last five years. Systematic mapping work has been done in this way. According to the results, the study was divided into three main categories; technology transfer processes, technology transfer methods, and technology transfer efficiency. In this respect, 59 studies were obtained from the screening results. The result has encouraged us to do a systematic literature review as a future work on the subject. Keywords: Technology Transfer, Technology Transfer Methods, Technology Transfer Process, Systematic Mapping.