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Information Security Strategies in Turkey: Current Status, Government Policies & Recommendations

New communication technologies, social networks and electronic applications have made the life of the individual digital. So basically, the data is transformed into an e-entity that needs to be protected. Along with the digital movements of individual life, personal data began to circulate freely in these environments as uncontrolled masses. With all this, unreliable information security risks, cybercrime have begun to emerge, and individuals have had to protect themselves against digital life because of improper use of technology and low levels of awareness of individuals' information security threats.At the same time, the nations have to protect their citizens against all these threats and the possible consequences of these threats with the laws. In this regard, international cooperation has been made. When all this is taken into account, it is obvious how important information security is. This study describes the current situation, laws and strategies in Turkey regarding information security. In the study, strategies and information security that need to be developed have been explained with a visionary point of view regarding the individual, private sector and public context. Keywords: Information Security, Turkey, Government IS Policies.