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Knowledge Management Process and Organizational Effectiveness among Private Universities in Kenya: From an Innovation Perspective

This paper analyzes the effect of Knowledge Management Process on Organizational Effectiveness in private Universities in Kenya from an innovation Perspective. The current business landscape has increasingly faced competition, rapid changes in consumer demands, growing environmental and societal challenges. Higher education sector in Kenya has been undergoing a rapid expansion thus creating a lot of competition. Organizations are embracing knowledge management for their survival, competitive differentiation and prosperity. It was of interest to study the knowledge management process used by private universities in Kenya and the effect on organizational effectiveness from an innovation perspective. Data was collected through face-to-face interviews which provided the data on how knowledge management activities impact organizational effectiveness. The study findings indicated that knowledge management activities influenced organizational effectiveness among private universities in Kenya. The study collected data from the registrars/deputy registrars and academic staff leaving out other stakeholders. It is recommended that opinions of other stakeholders such as students, other members of staff, employers and communities be studied in future. Keywords - Knowledge management, Knowledge management process, Organizational effectiveness, Innovation.