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Design of Remote Monitoring and Control System of Automatic Irrigation System using GSM module and LINUX OS

Irrigated agriculture is one of the primary water consumers in most parts of the world. With developments in technology, efforts are being channelled into automation of irrigation systems to facilitate remote control of the irrigation system and optimize crop production and cost effectiveness. This project describes an on-going work on GSM based irrigation monitoring and control systems. The objective of the work is to provide an approach that helps farmers to easily access, manage and regulate their irrigation systems for the water needs of crops using SMS technology for data transportation. On different cellular networks revealed an average response time of 16 seconds from the time of SMS request to the controller system to read data or activate the irrigation system through data processing and submission to user. The GSM based irrigation system may offer users the flexibility to regulate and control the operations of their irrigation systems with little intervention to reduce runoff from over watering for improvement in crop yield. Index terms - Linux, BeagleBone, GSM, DAS, Irrigation