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Consumer Buying Behaviour of Diamond Jewellery- A Study for Surat

Retail industry is fast changing. All facets of business are undergoing a change. The global and the local business are causing as well as adapting a change. Jewellery buying for a very long tie has had a traditional pattern of buying behaviour. There were family jewellers, and a family purchase. While the money was given by the father or husband the final decision maker was the women. All models of consumer buying behaviour has adopted to the change. The diamond jewellery buying that too on-line has a generated a curiosity, because it has a route of high tradition. The present paper examines the growth, factors and current scenario of purchasing diamond jewellery through online retail formats as well as buying behaviour from branded retailers. It is a descriptive research , survey method has been used for data collection through a structured questionnaire. The first part of the research which was a qualitative research had personal interview with experts and review of lieterature, followed by secondary data search. Some of the key findings were that Indian consumer buy precious jewellery like diamond jewelleries for fashion as well as special occasions and to have a strong attributes in maintaining social status during social function and gathering and they always buy from trusted branded outlets. Other Attributes are like store service for branded jewellers seem to be far superior to the traditional outlets and quality satisfaction is very high with branded jewellers. Working women are greater purchasers of diamond jewellery and indulge more in impulse purchase. Online currently has arelatively low reach in India. It is more like a pre-purchase tool. In India, 12per cent of women use the internet to pre-select designs or learn more about diamond jewellery. However, as internet penetration and sales of smart phones accelerate, online buying is likely to gain importance, both as a sales channel and as search tool. The changing socio-economic perspectives adds boon to the jewellery industry.