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Discussion Consumers’ perceived Value, Quality and Riskon Purchase Decision-Making from the Perspective of Brand Image

A good brand image can enhance the perceived value and quality of consumers for the products, reduce the perceived risk of purchasing products, and enhance the purchase intention; therefore, in the consumer's purchase decisionmaking process, the brand image of products plays a very important role; the purpose of this study is to explore the impact of the brand image of products on the perceived value, quality and risk in the consumer's purchase decision-making process, and the influence and role of the brand image of products on purchase intention; this study is through the literature inductive method to collect and sort out the required documents, and puts forward the proposition development of this study; finally, based on the research results, some managerial implications, research limitations and suggestions for future researches are proposed. Key words- Bran Image, Perceived Value, Perceived Quality, Perceived Risk, Purchase Intention