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Factors Affecting Retention of Crews in Taiwan

Employee retention is a popular issue that has been discussed frequently and plays an important role to maintain talented people in an organization. Recently, the turnover rate of airlines in Taiwan becomes higher. Since that, this study aims to explore that the reason of retaining employees, especially focus on the crew of the airline in Taiwan. Numbers of factors might have the influence on employee turnover intention or retention such as salary, job satisfaction, travel, time flexibility and so on. For fulfilling the research purpose, in-depth interview was employed to gain the detail of the real factors affecting retention of crews that could not be measured from quantitative approach. Fifteen crews of two eminent airline companies in Taiwan were interviewed during the data collecting process. Data analysis was conducted after the interview and data coding. The result of the study will directly contribute to the airline company, human resource field, and the relevant future research. Keywords: Crew, employee retention, Taiwan