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Assessing E-Ticketing Services of Bangladesh Railway through the Tunnel of TCV+ Model

E-service is an ICT based efficient service process which eliminates hassle of age-old manual service process. With a view to transparency, effectiveness and reduce customer harassment, Bangladesh railway introduced e-service in it ticket service in 2009. 25% railway tickets are now sold through SMS and online E-Ticketing services. Before this process, passengers had to visit railway stations to collect ticket which was time and cost consuming. Moreover, citizens needed to wait long time in queue to reach ticketing counters. After implementation of E-ticketing services, passengers collect ticket without visiting railway station through E-Ticketing which potentially save service delivery time, cost and number of passengers’ visits to stations. This study was conducted to evaluate whether E-Ticketing saves time, cost and number of visit of the service recipients. Based on 384 samples, the study revealed that average time reduced by 75% in E-Ticketing than manual process, average cost reduced by 84% to collect ticket in E-Ticketing and no visit is required as passengers use own mobile or computers to generate tickets. In terms of satisfaction 19% people were very satisfied, 62% were satisfied and 17% were moderately satisfied. Index Terms—E-Service, E-Ticketing, TCV.