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Charismatic Leadership Behaviour in Non-Government organization: Case Study on Nathaaruna Community in Surabaya, Indonesia

A Lot of NGOs, were set up in order to gives the positive impacts toward society. Thus, in many case of social problems in Indonesia, Non-Government Organization (NGO) is expected to give solution to the emerging problem. The charisma that owned by the NGO leaders is considered as the factor that will influence success or failure of the NGO itself to achieve their goals. This paper will reveal the aspects that will influence the occurrence of charisma in NGO, by the case of NathaAruna Community. The samples were collected in May 2016 from 80 members of NathaAruna. The Result of experiment emphasized that Vision and Articulation of a leader becomes the important aspect that will influence the charismatic leadership in leading Non-Government Organization. Keywords- Charismatic, Leadership, Organization, Social