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The Evaluation of the Impact of University Type on Academic Generic Competencies of Malaysian Academic Leaders

This study aims at evaluating the impact of university type on the linearly combined variables which construct generic competencies in Malaysian academic settings. For this purpose, data were collected from academic leaders in both public and private Malaysian higher education sector. Upon completion of data collection, all the 368 competed surveys were screened to detect outliers and other type of cases with undue influence over the analysis. Next, multivariate and univariate General Linear Model (GLM) was run to analyze the data. It is notable that the effect of potential covariates was also examined over the model. The results revealed that university type did not have a statistically significant effect on being performance driven and understanding operations and risks as the two subscales of generic competencies. The sizes of these non-significant effects were benchmarked against the criteria for determining effect sizes. This procedure confirmed that the sizes for both of the effects were very small. Index Terms- Academic leaders, higher education, Malaysia